Quemés Una Iglesia Para Encender La Mota

by Scowl

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released July 24, 2015

Recorded & Mixed by Nikhil Kamineni
Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Design & Layout by Zack Birmingham



all rights reserved


Scowl Brooklyn, New York

too "crusty" to be on Encyclopaedia Metallum

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Track Name: Drug Rug
Face first
In shock
Eyes bulged
Fucking done
Heart Sunk
All suns
Teeth bared
In disgust

Force of violence
Venge with blood sheed

Phermones exerting prospects of broken bone
Blunt hands are hurting to find a veinous home

Split the gut from throat to groin then
pull out heart meat and bone
Make them suffer for their madness
No scum will make it home

Track Name: Big Baby Jesus Ain't Dead, He Just Got Priors
Revel in madness
Rebel with his bliss
Don't pout one out for
Dirty lord he still Lives

Big baby ain't dead
Old dirty lives

Sipping in madness
Shrouded by their fear
Creature of excess we summon you here
Come and free us
of petty bonds
Come lead us Dirty to heavenly halls
Track Name: On With The Murdermake
Free Them From Bonds Of life
Before they find the will to fight

Lead Them To Voids Light
So the yuppie scum will forever burn below

On. With. The Murdermake.

The streets will run
With bloods of sons
The lucky ones will have hands dyed with sins undone

The spites will burn
The world will churn
The legions of the murder make will be as one

On With
The Murdermake
Bask In
The Murdermake
Breath Deep
The Murdermake
Live For
The Murdermake

Fall down to your knees
Your end will be with me
The blood god you shall appease
No stopping what you have made

Bodies cold
Burn them warm
Blood gone cold
Burn back the war

You'll find no escape
From the coming murdermake
Your head
I will take
To decorate my war stakes
Track Name: Ya' Done Son!
I'm too fucking old for this
My body has turned to piss
A husks of what glory once was
A case of the shits I've become

Convulsions bleeding
Liquids are brewing
The body spewing
The lungs stop breathing
The shame I'm living
Blood shed
My ass is heaving
Mistakes I'm making
A young life fading

Ya done
Fucked up
You done
Goofed son

Holy smoke can't save you from yourself
Track Name: Dick Pixelation
All the things I've done for you
The sacrifice you put me through
The only thing you seem to give
Is disappointment I can't live

With your shit
I'm done with it

I will choke your neck till you rot
I will bleed you dry to the point
You'll never have this mind control
To cause such constant mindless dull

Through mind and soul

Erupting into fearsome wrath
Which cannot be contained with rags
Of dreams desires fantasies
Which I could never near appease

Fuck off
All the woes of my life are caused by my dick
Track Name: ...Mmmkay Ultra
Barbed wire shoots through putrid blood
Eyes burnt black in sunken hoods
Fear grips throats of the lost brood
War strikes heart drills brain drains soul dry

Upon this mountain built on pain and misery,
I comprehend
All the woe and filth inside of me
Reflections in the lake of monsters that I am,
The forcibly bleed
And bask within your tragedy
The woods now coveted by piss and shit and hate,
Produces from my seed
The foulest of society
But into madness where I finally must go
I will only find
That I have tripped fucking balls hard
Track Name: Millions Of Dead Crusties
Feed your dogs
You fucking scum
Spew your shit
Somewhere else

They haunt our streets
They pity us
They drag along clinging to their daddies' bail

They smell real bad
It makes them cool
Why yes you should drink only crappy ale

Put your mouth on the curb
I will show you the word
Of the savior of plight
Ol' dirty's holy fight

Millions of crust dead will me to rest
I will feed your dog
Track Name: Shart Week
Down the leg out the ass purity could never last
Smells of death feels undead soon we'll taste of the brown breath
Sometimes hard most times red I've prepared for anal death
As guts rot intestines fail to the rot gods I do hail

Vomit Inducing
Expelling Protruding
My life force is seeping
On the floor I'm weeping

I just shit my pants
Track Name: Writhe
Scouring the ground
For a hit
Searching with eyes
Turned to pits
Lessons not learned
So deserves
An anthem revised
to writhe to

the Illuminati wants you to do heroin

All the holy smoke in the world won't stop my minds inner whirl
Track Name: Don't Fear The Reefer
Don't fear the reefer
Don't fear his green grasp
Don't fight this madness
You can't ever win

Crouched in the corner I took it head on
Green fingers choking I puked in the bong
Thinking with gusto I found myself in
This dank skunky hell which I've always lived in
Track Name: S.G.U.A.Y.W.
Scowl give us all your weed
Track Name: Cocaine Hurricane
Revolting wounds
Eyes bulged till noon
Crashing through red skies
No fucking whys

With lizards breath
I hunt my head
Relentless quest
For madness nest

They cannot find my third eyes mind
Lost to bogs drowning the hogs
In excess I ponder breasts
Foward I march on to the dawn

I've destroyed my
Shit fucking life
I can't stand
This thing that I am

I don't want to feel regret
But I can't help fucking all things I am
Cutting away at myself at my body my whole
I want to feel destruction I want to feel null
I can't live this hurricane please end all damn life